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My name is Duncan Hurst. I'm a 41-year old software engineer working in Sheffield, England, for Ovus, a company specialising in digital TV product design.

For years, I've wanted a kit car. I bought the magazines, went to the shows and dribbled over the desirable machines on offer. It's only in the last year that I had a garage with light and power and a few quid in my pocket that made it all possible.

I had set my sights on a Dax Rush through several years of gradually refining my ideas of what I wanted. I knew it had to be:

well designed and of good quality
able to contain an 'interesting' (i.e. large :-) engine
capable of passing SVA
buildable by a first-time builder (but with plenty of car-fettling experience)

I've always wanted a car with a damn great V8 in it, more for the sound than anything. I'm also a fan of engines with instant high-torque, low-RPM grunt, rather than mega-RPM screamers.

Anyway, my ideas settled down to a Dax Rush with Rover V8, which also meant independent rear suspension, to handle the power, and preferably a limited-slip differential.

The colour? Being a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to cars, it had to be British Racing Green like my much-loved MGB was. However, aluminium side panels and bonnet should break up the slabs of colour a bit. An added bonus is that I won't need to paint the Rush, as all the BRG bits are supplied by Dax as polished gelcoated glass-fibre.

This will be car number two, for me. As such, I don't intend to drive it in all weathers and it doesn't have much in the way of weather gear.