Driving the Dax
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Build Diary
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This page records my exploits with Jadzia the Dax after completion of the build.

Go here to read my impressions so far on how the Dax feels to drive.

No kitcar is ever complete. There's always that little extra tweak or improvement that you've been thinking of for a while now ... to say nothing of running repairs. The post-build update history is documented in the Modification Diary.

Places to go, people to see! Read about the events I've gone to with Jadzia:

In 1999: Out and About 1999 and the 1999 photos
In 2000: Out and About 2000 and the 2000 photos
In 2001: Out and About 2001 and the 2001 photos
In 2002: Out and About 2002 and the 2002 photos
In 2003: Out and About 2003/4 and the 2003/4 photos

You can actually listen to Jadzia the Dax in full song here.