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Dax Rush Photo Gallery

This page is dedicated to the other Dax Rush owners, builders and drivers who I have had the pleasure of meeting (in person or via email).

If you would like your picture on this page, please email it to me (duncan at duncan-hurst.co.uk). Similarly, if you want off this page, let me know!

If I don't know your name, or your surname, apologies. Please tell me and set the record straight.

This is Steve and his Cosworth Rush at Stoneleigh 2000:

steve2.jpg (65397 bytes)

Neil Taylor and his fine V8:

neiltaylor.jpg (51786 bytes)

Bill Rayner and his black V8, before SVA:

billrayner.jpg (93672 bytes)

... and posing at Stoneleigh 2000:

stonel1.jpg (71630 bytes)

Rick Clapham's Oxford blue De Dion V8:

RicksDeDionV8Front.gif (211010 bytes)

Ashley Trowe's Oxford Blue 3.5 V8 EFI under construction. See his webpage for more pictures:

atrowe1.jpg (148658 bytes)

Martin White's fearsome 380bhp Cosworth Quadra:

quadra2.jpg (59223 bytes)

Stephan Lenior from Holland is building an Alfa V6-powered Rush. See his website for more:

superstephan.jpg (85670 bytes)

Here's the latest picture of Stephan's Rush, now on the road:

stephan2.jpg (38000 bytes)

Bert Van Den Brink's Rush. Bert says "Revolution 'Classic' rims: 8J 225 on rear, 7J 205 on front. 620 kg, 2000OHC, twin Weber 40 DCOE, 130pk (measured during test). For the exhaust, I ordered a heat shield from VM. Exhaust was custom made for 145 pounds". Sounds like a bit of a bargain there, Bert!

bert1.jpg (84167 bytes)

Dan Bristow is building a blue Pinto-powered IRS Rush:

dbchassis.jpg (40267 bytes) dbpinto.jpg (24974 bytes)
dbrear.jpg (37731 bytes) dbexhaust.jpg (29492 bytes)

Craig Wilkinson's wonderful V8 Rush won the Best Roadster Trophy at the August 2000 Summer Rendezvous show at Hickstead Park, judged by Which Kit & Kitcar Int. magazine. Says Craig, "Needless to say I was very chuffed". Well done! This car is now owned by Brent Dransfield, who is spending some time modifying the fuel system and plugging a few leaks from the engine.

craigwilkinson2.jpg (113606 bytes)

craigwilkinson1.jpg (103827 bytes)

Hans Smits' V8 Rush. Hans says "The pictures shows me and my daugther in the FunCar 2000 Acceleration Sprint competition at the Autotron in October of this year. It took us 6.4 seconds to cover the 150 meters from a standing start, which was sufficient to win!"

hans_smits_1.jpg (65796 bytes)

Freddy Kamperman from Holland has built a V6 Rush using the 2.4L Ford engine. This picture is of his very first drive after registration! Take a look at Freddy's webpage at http://www.daxrush.myweb.nl. It's currently only in Dutch but Freddy promises English as well, "soon".

eerste_rit.jpg (48953 bytes)