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Here are some of my favourite car-related (and unrelated) links:

daxlogo2.gif (8271 bytes)DJ Sportscars (Dax) site
Dax's home pages. Find out more about the Rush, the Tojeiro and the Kamala here. See an online build of a Rush De Dion LX.
Dax Rush Owners Club
Er ... says it all really!
Alex Wong's Sevens Links Page
The biggest collection of 'Sevens' links in the world!
rpilogo.gif (3794 bytes)RPi Engineering International Ltd.
Renowned source of Rover V8 information.
Think Automotive
Brake and oil systems components. Every fluid connector you've (n)ever wanted.
dje.gif (1758 bytes)D J Ellis Ltd
Suppliers of Rover V8 parts and services.
sejoc.gif (3013 bytes)Sejoc
Suppliers of EBC Greenstuff pads and other brake bits
wk-mags.jpg (11398 bytes)Kitcar Net
The web-site of Which Kit? and Kitcars International magazines.
smallkk.gif (9132 bytes)kit-cars.com
The web-site of Kit-Car magazine.


se7ens.jpg (23260 bytes)'Sevens' Mailing List Page
You'll find me here on the 'Se7ens' list and the 'Cam7s' list. I can't speak highly enough of the value of this fine group. The mutual support, help and advice alone make it beyond price. The added value of the good-humoured banter with friends I've made through 'the list' makes it a grand source of entertainment also!
David Joyce's site dedicated to all types of 'Seven'.
Stephan's Dax Rush Page
A Dutch builder's Dax Rush build page. Now with English narrative.
William Turner's Tiger Cat E1 Page
A fellow Cambridge Seven builder.
Ian Crocker's SEiGHT Page
Another V8 'Seven' page, with lots of V8 information and some interesting photos.
westfield_logo_mini_3d.gif (4957 bytes)Tim & Tom's Car Pages
Originally a Cambridge Westfield build. Tim's now building a Dax Rush V8! You can read all about it here.
Marc's Sylva Striker Page
A work colleague's rather fast Seven, now undergoing an R1 motorbike engine transplant.
Jim Noble's Westfield (?) Page
Yet another Cambridge Seven build (or rather, it will be when Jim decides what to build and actually starts it ... :-)
Crazy Cam's Buggy Page
Camelin Caine, a work colleague, is building himself a road-legal 'rail'-type buggy from scratch!
The Gorgus Rush
A development (?) of the original Mohr Rush. A page in German, but you can automatically translate it here.
Dax Open Days 1999 and 2000
David Betts' photo album page of Dax's 1999 and 2000 Open Days. I'm actually in the background of one of the pictures :-) Click here for lots more Dax pictures, some very nice indeed!
Vision Motorsport
Drive a Rush! I was taken round Donington Park track in one of these at the Kitcar show there in 1998. Wow!
white_nancy_logo.jpg (2285 bytes)Bollington and Rainow Home Page
A friend's excellent page on this beautiful part of the country (Rush-unrelated :-)
an538.gif (11140 bytes)The Nimmo Twins
My dear friends, Steve & Vicky Nimmo (whose best man I was 2 years ago) are now parents! Like my 'baby' Jadzia, their babies had a web page long before they were born. Go and coo at the pictures.