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Build Diary
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This page records the diary of events during the build. It starts on the last working day before Christmas 1998, when I visited Dax for the first time and runs until the Dax successfully passed its SVA test.

The Build Page was getting quite long, so I split it into separate sections:

March '99
The kit arrives. Aluminium panelling.
April '99
Brake pipes, engine installation & fuel system.
May '99
Engine ancillaries, heating & cooling. The engine runs!
June '99
Bodywork, dashboard, suspension
July '99
Lights, wheels, first drive.
August '99
Finishing touches, SVA, Registration

The text includes thumbnail pictures. The full photos of the build are here.

Alternatively, please follow either Preparation or Costs to find out more background.

Thanks go to my friend, colleague and neighbour John Gladman, my friend Rob Nicholson and to my brother Jim Hurst for their help so far and their promises of help in the future! Many thanks are also due to Jessica, Chris, Wayne, Dave, Belinda, Marc and Jim N. for their help.