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If a site like this is to be of any value to future Rush builders, it should tell you what sort of cost you are letting yourself in for.


My build budget was 15,000. Rushes can be built for about half this, but not a V8 IRS version with most parts bought from DAX!

I worked out all known costs in advance, using a spreadsheet and included a healthy contingency of 500 to cover the unknowns. Amazingly, the actual build costs come out to almost exactly 15,000, plus some extras for tools and garage improvements.

 Admittedly, my build was not a real budget job, but I believe these numbers are typical of what you might spend to achieve a similar result.

I've tried to include every nut and bolt that I had to pay for. It's the little items that mount up and contribute significantly to the build costs.

My build costs to date are recorded below under the headings:

Extra Tools Bought
Garage Conversion Costs
Build Costs
Other Costs

Time Scale

During the build I kept a note of the number of hours spent in the garage each day. The total comes to 400 hours for the build itself, from kit delivery to SVA. This figure represents the total elapsed time, not the amount of effort. For a good proportion of this time I had help in the garage. I would estimate that roughly one-quarter of the time I had double the man-power.

The total build effort in man-hours therefore comes to 500 hours, plus approximately another 150 hours of preparation time before the kit arrived.

Of course, some of these man-hours are actually woman-hours :-) Thanks girls!

Extra Tools Bought

When I started this build, I already had a decent set of DIY and automotive tools. However, I still had to buy some extra stuff to help progress along.

This section also includes replacements for the things we bust during the build!

Allen keys sets (2) 7.98
File set 11.69
Engine stand (750lbs), extra bolts 36.51
Haynes manual - Rover 3500 10.39
Haynes manual - Sierra V6 10.39
Tin snips 2.00
Wire brushes 25.99
Socket breaker bar (1/2") 19.99
Engine degreasant 9.99
Torx socket set 24.95
Leather gauntlets 3.23
41mm socket (Sierra hub nut) 16.85
Socket breaker bar (3/4") 22.95
T40 Allen key 0.92
Another socket set 21.95
Plus Gas (dismantling fluid) 3.29
Methylated spirits 2.50
13mm socket 2.88
Hub puller 19.99
Deb Altrans (derusting fluid) 15.30
Polishing wheel, arbour, polish 14.04
Paraffin 3.99
Latex gloves 7.05
Angle grinder 19.25
Grindstones 5.39
Centre punch 1.00
Steel rule 2.99
6mm cobalt drill bit 5.52
Rivet gun 9.95
Reamer bit 8.75
Fume-resistant face mask 24.99
Emery cloth 1.69
3/8" spanner 3.20
Hole punch 1.50
3mm drill bit 1.19
Wet & dry paper (1000 grit) 1.99
2" masking tape 2.19
4mm cobalt drill bit 3.29
Rover 3500 Workshop Manual 2.00
Ball-joint splitter 18.35
String 3.17
TOTAL 411.23

Garage Conversion Costs

My garage was a plain, single garage with concrete floor and brick & block walls. Luckily, the main house fusebox is in there. To transform it into a palace of delight where I would be happy to spend many hours, I smartened it up a bit and added extra light and power.

Floor paint 32.49
Trestle dogs and wood 26.41
Gap filler 5.99
Draught excluder 10.49
Ceiling paint 8.49
Fan heater 9.99
Garage door bolt 8.24
2 Tool racks 3.98
Fuse box, fluorescent lights, double sockets, wire 120.45
Rope (for hoisting engine) 4.10
Metal shelving 7.99
Halogen light for inspection lamp, wire 7.78
TOTAL 246.40

Build Costs

These are the parts that make up the Rush itself. Since there are so many of these items, I've categorised them:

Dax Items:

Build Manual & Dax SVA guide 21.50
Build Pack 1 deposit 200.00
Main delivery:
Build Pack 1 - chassis / body panels
Build Pack 2 - suspension 'A'
Build Pack 3 - suspension 'B'
Build Pack 4 - brakes 'A'
Build Pack 5 - brakes 'B'
Build Pack 6 - electrical
Build Pack 7 - brightwork
Powder coating of chassis
Stinless steel rear hoop
Aluminium bonnet and side panels
Rover V8 / IRS propshaft
Handbrake and harness gaiters
Explosafe-filled fuel tank
Fine matrix radiator
Wurth adhesive
Steering column modification
Clutch master cylinder
Rover V8 exhaust system / heatshields
Instrument set
Speedo cable
Wiper arms and blades
Filler pipe and cap
Alloy wheels
GRP dashboard
Vinyl squab seats
SVA grill bar
4-point harnesses
Bonnet catch protectors
Delivery charge
Including discount
Heater vents, reversing lamp 25.79
Carpet set 251.69
Main and rear tonneau covers 211.50
TOTAL 10689.50

Donor Parts:

Donor engine & gearbox (see Specification):
Rebuilt & uprated Rover V8 engine
Clutch & gearbox
Spare gasket set
Viper Typhoon camshaft
Rhoads lifters
Shortened pushrods & rocker shims
Spare standard camshaft
Remote oil filter kit
Kenlowe cooling fan
Spare electronic distributor
Service parts for Mallory distributor
Carter fuel pump
Ford Sierra XR4x4 rear subframe complete 175.00
Hollis parts #1:
Ford Sierra steering column, wheel, stalks, key, cowlings
Mini heater & ducting pipes
Mini wiper motor, clamp, rack, wheelboxes
Cortina front subframe complete
Cortina Haynes manual
Hollis parts #2:
V8 engine mounts
Rover expansion tank (not used in the end)
Mini heater fishtails (not used in the end)
SD1 reversing light switch
VW (Polo?) heater control valve
Hollis parts #3:
Vauxhall Cavalier expansion tank
Coil mounting clip
TOTAL 2328.13

Donor Reconditioning Parts:

Oil filter 7.99
Rear brake pads (XR4x4) 30.23
Front brake pads (Cortina) 17.58
Front brake discs (Cortina) 38.49
Front wheel bearings (Cortina) 14.97
Front caliper seals (Cortina) 21.22
Differential seals (XR4x4) (not used in the end) 18.88
Diff. filler plug (XR4x4) 4.59
Rear wheel bearings (XR4x4) 108.10
Inlet manifold gasket & seals (Rover V8) 20.68
Thermostat gaskets (Rover V8) 1.69
Brake caliper bleed nipples (Ford) 4.00
Front brake pad fitting kit (Cortina) 2.99
Wiper motor rubber pad 3.06
Spark plugs (Rover V8) 20.98
Rear calipers (reconditioned XR4x4) 60.00
Expansion tank cap (Cavalier) 4.00
Lucas alternator & fan (exchange) 37.11
Kenlowe thermostat unit 35.25
Throttle return spring 0.30
Spare ignition keys 0.00!
125 degree wiper motor gear wheel 19.95
Long wheel studs 6.77
High-pressure oil relief valve & spring 3.52
TOTAL 482.35

Paint, glue etc.

Red & black engine paint 17.10
High-temp silver paint 4.50
Anti-rust primer 3.99
Gasket compound 9.27
Gold caliper lacquer 19.95
Spray glue 3.00
Touch-up paint 4.98
Gold spray paint 3.49
Thread-lock glue 3.00
Silicone sealer 7.98
Polyurethane mastic 14.38
Undersealing paint 8.99
Contact adhesive 18.69
Satin black spray paint 4.99
Putty 1.70
Meths 1.79
Body filler 8.46
Waxoyl 3.50
TOTAL 139.76

Fluids, hoses:

Fuel filter & clip 2.00
Fuel pipe 2.70
Engine oil 29.98
Differential oil 4.00
Brake fluid 9.00
Radiator hose 7.20
Clutch hose unions 7.31
Antifreeze 9.99
Water hose 7.30
Hose clips 19.64
Brake grease 0.99
15mm - 8mm fuel hose reducer 1.75
TOTAL 101.86

Fixings, bracketry:

Cable ties 8.14
Nuts, bolts, washers 46.18
Aluminium sheet & tube 46.58
Rivets 15.28
Rubber mounting bobbins 2.00
Assorted grommets 2.89
Velcro 0.75
TOTAL 121.82


Electrical cut-off switch 7.50
Bullet & spade connectors 12.15
Heater fans & finger guards 16.51
Front indicator stalks 30.00
Battery lead terminals 1.00
Rear fog & reversing lights 7.90
Bulbs 9.04
Fuses 2.97
Flasher unit 4.49
TOTAL 91.56

Miscellaneous Other Parts:

Gearknob 22.95
Throttle cable, guide & return spring 6.43
Black vinyl sheet 5.00
Locking wheel nuts 19.99
Rubber edge trim 2.50
Bridgestone S-02 tyres (4) & fitting 418.46
Water temp. sender adaptor 5.62
Foam sheet 10.00
Speedo recalibration 40.53
Mudflaps 3.99
Choke cable 4.00
Tax disc holder 4.30
TOTAL 543.77

Total of All Build Costs:

TOTAL 14498.75

Other Costs

Stuff that doesn't fall into any other category!

Van hire (to collect the engine & gearbox) 60.00
Diesel for hire van 28.40
SVA manual (inc. P&P) 25.00
SVA test fee 165.00
Registration fee & road tax 180.00
TOTAL 458.40