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12th March 2000. The Cam7ers meet at the World Famous Comfort Cafe (sic) for a blat (photo courtesy of Jim Noble):

wfcc.jpg (57658 bytes)

A typical convoy scene in the bright spring sunshine. Aideen leads Ambrose, then Tim, then us (photo courtesy of Jim Noble):

road.jpg (32395 bytes)

More convoying: The sign on Jadzia's windscreen reads "Get In Sit Down Hold Tight Shut Up". Thanks to my brother Jim!

road2.jpg (33615 bytes)

(Photo courtesy of Jim Noble). Taken just before we both went low flying, this country road bears Ambrose at full chat in his Caterham (what's that hill doing near Cambridge? :-). The offending bump was in the bottom of the dip:

bump.jpg (32280 bytes)

Detling Kitcar show, 2nd April 2000. The only Dax Rush there was a rather mean looking Quadra (4WD) with 380, yes 380, BHP from its turbocharged Cosworth engine. And there's more to come with water injection! The owner, Martin White, wants Duncan Cowper's 0-100-0 record:

quadra2.jpg (59223 bytes)

New air-cleaner top in place. A great improvement over the old dented & discoloured one:

newfilt.jpg (69105 bytes)

Dax Open Day, 21st April 2000. The scoop on the nose of the Rush in the foreground is to feed air to its turbo intercooler. Jadzia gets eyed up by some dodgy-looking geezers whilst her almost-twin sits in the background:

openday1.jpg (66965 bytes)

Stoneleigh Kitcar Show, 30/4/00. The Dax Rush parking area is very busy. In the background, Terry Roberts (secretary of the Dax Rush Owners Club) tries on a crash helmet for no well-defined reason:

stonel4.jpg (69503 bytes)

Convoying back from Stoneleigh. William in his Tiger Cat E1 makes his passenger, Richard, wish he was looking where he was going:

william.jpg (34860 bytes)

New voltmeter (far left) and immobiliser LED (dead centre) in place on the dashboard:

voltmeter.jpg (31647 bytes)

Front indicators. Before:

svabar.jpg (41119 bytes)

... and after:

frontind.jpg (49987 bytes)

The finished effect:

frontind2.jpg (43914 bytes)

My brother Jim poses with his trophies in best Ginger Ninja style:

ginger_ninja.jpg (26049 bytes)

Nice new Mallory HT leads:

htleads.jpg (78253 bytes)

Jadzia at speed on the rolling road while Peter Baldwin adjusts something or other. The dials are a bit hard to make out, but they're indicating 280bhp at 5000rpm when running flat out in 4th gear at about 100mph. The noise, smoke and vibration were quite something! Note the nylon strap holding the Dax back (photo courtesy of Tim Hoverd):

rroad2.jpg (38793 bytes)

On the rolling Road. Note the new front indicators (photo courtesy of Tim Hoverd):

rroad1.jpg (54649 bytes)

Tim's Westfield, taken from the Dax (next 2 photos by Jim Noble). The state of the windscreen shows how many bugs you have to involuntarily eat when using this sort of car in the Summertime:

newark1.jpg (53128 bytes)

... as we sail on into the wild blue yonder:

newark2.jpg (36521 bytes)

A rather better picture of the additions to the dashboard. The daughters of a work colleague prove that there's no shortage of space inside a Rush:

twokids.jpg (108164 bytes)

Convoying again, as seen through the side-screen. Aideen's Anniversary red and silver Caterham follows us down the A10 in Cambridgeshire:

mirror2.jpg (46044 bytes)

The bits for one side of the new harnesses with 'aircraft' style buckles:

newharns.jpg (75775 bytes)

Before and after. The new driver's side belts in place:

oneharns.jpg (70272 bytes)

... and a close-up of what it's all about - the new 'aircraft' style buckle:

buckle.jpg (86063 bytes)

I bought a nice new baffled sump from Dave Ellis at DJE. It's based on a Range Rover sump, which should give me a smidge more ground clearance, with internal gutters, baffles and trap-doors to stop the oil surging forwards under braking or sideways under cornering. The pipe to the right is the new pick-up pipe:

newsump.jpg (81854 bytes)

Looking through the central well, you can clearly see one of the two lateral trap-doors which retard sideways oil movement when cornering:

trapdoor.jpg (59431 bytes)

Stainless steel bolts to pretty up the old, grobby bits:

oinletbolt.jpg (29989 bytes)ninlbolt.jpg (27747 bytes)

orockerbolt.jpg (22259 bytes)nrckbolt.jpg (17543 bytes)

New EBC Greenstuff brake pads in the front calipers (yes, they're really green!):

greenstuff.jpg (67525 bytes)

With the old sump off, some grounding damage is evident:

sumpdent.jpg (78561 bytes)

The old and the new. The SD1 sump (red) is a bit deeper than the Range Rover sump (black):

sumpdpth.jpg (47763 bytes)

... but is quite a bit shorter:

sumplgth.jpg (63253 bytes)

Nice clean crankcase:

sumpoff.jpg (105450 bytes)

New sump gets a coat of matching red paint:

redsump.jpg (63921 bytes)

Installed in its new home. Still not a lot of ground clearance:

sumpon.jpg (31705 bytes)

Cam7ers annual trip to Southwold. A rare picture of the Dax on the hoof:

onthehoof.jpg (36739 bytes)


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