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Winter 2002 tidy-up. The air filter, top hose and thermostat housing removed. Note the kit car builder's indispensible ally - the mug of tea. Compare this pic with the one here:

Dscf1544.jpg (60054 bytes)

The old water pump removed:

Dscf1545.jpg (48467 bytes)

When removed, the old water pump displays signs of a leak from its gland weep hole:

Dscf1546.jpg (43850 bytes)

The spark plugs were a nice grey/brown colour, indicating that the carb mixture is running just right. Note the rocker cover "before" state:

Dscf1547.jpg (43124 bytes)

New brake master cylinder being sprayed shiny silver:

Dscf1548.jpg (37456 bytes)

Draped like a surgical operation, Jadzia's rear brake master cylinder gets a spray in situ:

Dscf1550.jpg (61262 bytes)

Rear master cylinder being sprayed:

Dscf1549.jpg (48396 bytes)

New water pump in place:

Dscf1572.jpg (62536 bytes)

The front suspension bits were going rusty on the surface:

Dscf1574.jpg (52495 bytes)

Especially the shock absorber:

Dscf1575.jpg (86815 bytes)

The front suspension, partly dismantled:

Dscf1576.jpg (48822 bytes)

Plastic overbraiding covers the visible wiring:

Dscf1577.jpg (51345 bytes)

The pedal box reassembled with new cylinder:

Dscf1578.jpg (59189 bytes)

The rusty shock absorber after derusting and painting:

Dscf1581.jpg (46845 bytes)

Cutting the carpet for the tunnel access hatch:

Dscf1589.jpg (59169 bytes)

Two slots allow a flap to be lifted:

Dscf1591.jpg (59280 bytes)

The upper gearlever extension housing bolts revealed:

Dscf1595.jpg (26460 bytes)

Tightening the bolts, which were pretty tight anyway :-( :

Dscf1598.jpg (50206 bytes)

A polished and painted rocker cover with braided breather hose:

dscf1599.jpg (51143 bytes)

Details of engine front with lots of nice new clean and shiny bits:

Dscf1604.jpg (62872 bytes)

Shot of reassembled engine bay:

Dscf1603.jpg (92340 bytes)

The reversing light becomes a new left-hand fog lamp:

Front indicators in yellow:

... and now in clear, with amber bulbs:

Donington 2002 - chatting with Chris Brice in the Paddock after a track session:

Donington 2002 - in the Paddock after a track session:

Donington 2002 - we reached 1.15 lateral G on the track:


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