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Here are some photos of the Dax after its (initial ;-) completion. Enjoy!

The new choke knob, held out of the way under the dashboard with a small bracket trimmed with vinyl:

chokeknb.jpg (94579 bytes)

Visit to RPi, Norwich, September 1999. Thanks to Chris Crane for these photos. I work on the engine under RPi guidance:

rpi03.jpg (60785 bytes)

The engine with rocker covers removed, showing replacement rockers:

rpi01.jpg (72541 bytes)

At RPi's Norwich HQ, ready to return home:

rpi02.jpg (47382 bytes)

On the way home from RPi:

rpi04.jpg (32935 bytes)

Donington Kitcar show, 18th September '99. Thanks to my friend Rob for supplying some of these pictures:

parked.jpg (56962 bytes)

Donington '99. Jadzia is parked in the Dax Rush Owners' Club area. Pity about the midget walking on the roll bar:

doning.jpg (62869 bytes)

A line-up of Rushes. What has that lilac one got on its head?

rushes.jpg (58231 bytes)

Ready for the track:

ready.jpg (52136 bytes)

Kitcars queue in the pit-lane, waiting for the off:

grid.jpg (23869 bytes)

Passing under the Dunlop bridge:

bridge.jpg (17321 bytes)

Approaching The Esses at full chat. You can just make out the dust caused by someone else's 'off' on the other side of the track:

ontrack.jpg (21737 bytes)

Cruising back from the track:

backin.jpg (37304 bytes)

Resting in the parking area after the track sessions:

daxandi.jpg (69313 bytes)

Hinges for the sidescreens fitted to the windscreen supports:

hinges.jpg (64708 bytes)

Sidescreens in place:

screens.jpg (57785 bytes)

Listers' Meet, 21st November 1999. Tim Hoverd in his Westfield 1800 Zetec on the way to meet the others at Oxford Services on the M40:

timh.jpg (31305 bytes)

Dave Hooper in his Caterham:

daveh.jpg (29729 bytes)

The Sevens Meet:

oxford.jpg (93550 bytes)

A line-up of assorted Sevens and their owners:

oxford2.jpg (49728 bytes)

Jadzia at Oxford '99. That bloody midget's back, walking on the roll bar again! Photo courtesy of Neil Wain:

oxfbig9.jpg (64424 bytes)

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